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#6 Courtlandt Place — Mirador Group

#6 Courtlandt Place — Mirador Group

Built in 1909, #6 Courtlandt Place was the initial home built on Courtland Place— the first elite neighborhood in Houston, TX. Commissioned by banker C.L. Neuhaus, architectural firm Sanguinet and Staats designed the Colonial Revival style home that was described as a “white wedding cake of a house.” Jerry Hooker and Jacob Sudhoff purchased the home in late 2016. 

Over the years, previous owners had made additions and modifications to the home that were not original and allowed the home to fall into disrepair. When the inspection report mentioned “eminent total failure”, Hooker and Sudhoff did not bat an eye to charge forward with their plans to bring the home back to its original glory. After over two years of restoration #6 has been painstakingly restored to its original glory. 

Original architectural plans were used to recreate plaster moldings, wood trim and other details such as balustrades, cornice and roof eve details. The basement walls were completely rebuilt, foundations leveled, and new supports built to ensure the home would stand for the next century and beyond. Inside the house, much of the original staircase and fireplace woodwork was preserved along with the original brass door hardware. A repurposed horse stable door is now a barn door for a bedroom in the re-built carriage house.  

Jerry and Jacob completed the house in early 2019 and furnished the home with primarily Giorgetti furnishings and Viabizzuno Lighting, all complemented by their art collection which they have acquired during their travels together over the last decade.