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8913 Friendship Road — JT ARC Studio

8913 Friendship Road — JT ARC Studio


Based on simple, modern and stunning architecture the homeowners had admired during their travels as expatriates in Southeast Asia, the residence explores and leverages the spatial potential of a regular gable-roof profile. As a result, the family is able to occupy what would typically be the attic or other underutilized plenum zone.

Compressing habitable spaces into the attic zone not only enabled a slim overall footprint, but facilitated more intimate connections to varying functions within the residence. Bedrooms are layered above the more public spaces such as the kitchen, living room, dining area and sitting room. The transitional wedges of the gable-roof profile that are too low to occupy provide geometric openings to seasonal storage, infrastructural compartments, a pull-out bed, and shelving nooks.

White walls serve as neutral backdrops that showcase the homeowners' furniture collection, photographs and artwork. All framed photos were taken by the husband during their extensive travels and possess a side narrative of a cherished memory. Many of the metal and wood furniture pieces and paintings were created by the husband as well.

The linear footprint of the house also complements the homeowners' desire for a filter from the street, while preserving the spacious backyard. The depth perception of the backyard green space is further expanded with a utility easement. Housing the owners’ workshop and beer brewing equipment, a Quonset hut in the backyard was specially designed to link to the home’s opened garage doors for ease of access and equipment loading.